September 12th, 2006

10-K, 10-B

Ten random things: Reader Request Month, day 12

Ten fun things to do in or near Spring Green, Wisconsin:

  1. Attend a performance of a play by William Shakespeare at the American Players Theater
  2. Fish for bluegills in Bakken's Pond
  3. Visit my sister
  4. See the World's Largest Carousel at House on the Rock
  5. Play a round of golf at the Robert Trent Jones Sr.-designed course at the House on the Rock Resort
  6. Enjoy traditional country cooking at The Old Feed Mill in Mazomanie
  7. Shop for hand-thrown pottery at the Spring Green Arts and Crafts Fair
  8. Tour Taliesin, the home and school of Frank Lloyd Wright
  9. Visit Weggy Winery in Richland Center for a tour and wine tasting
  10. Canoe down the Lower Wisconsin River

Today's list is for amyjtoo, who wanted to see the American Players Theater mentioned in a list. I admit that I have not done all the fun things listed here, but I have — with amyjtoo herself, as it happens — seen the World's Largest Carousel at the House on the Rock, and it was fun, so I think it's safe to assume that all the other things I listed are equally fun.

(Note to Jenni: I don't suppose you think Spring Green is particularly near to where you live, but as I learned in Iowa, and as you probably learned living in Eau Claire, "near" is a flexible concept when you live more or less in the middle of nowhere. Anyway, if any of my friends show up, try to show them a good time.

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