October 20th, 2006

10-P, 10-E

Ten random things: October 20

Ten numbers ten:

  1. Guy Lafleur (Montreal Canadiens)
  2. Carlos Spencer (Northampton Saints)
  3. Jeff Feagles (New York Giants)
  4. Aly Wagner (United States Women's National Soccer Team)
  5. Pele (New York Cosmos)
  6. Scott Riggs (NASCAR)
  7. Norm Nixon (Los Angeles Lakers)
  8. Andre Dawson (Chicago Cubs)
  9. Alex Delvecchio (Detroit Red Wings)
  10. Walt Frazier (New York Knicks)

Giants fans in the audience may know that Jeff Feagles currently wears no. 18, but he's on the list because of the way he stopped wearing it. Feagles wore no. 10 for ten seasons, first with Arizona, then with Seattle and New York. In 2004, the Giants asked Feagles if he'd be willing to give the number to Eli Manning, who had worn it at Ole Miss. Feagles said he thought maybe they could work out a deal, and walked away from the negotiating table with no. 17 and an all expenses paid trip to Florida -- airfare, a rental house, meals, car -- for his family of six. Then, the very next year, after the Giants signed Plaxico Burress, who wanted to wear no. 17, Feagles called Burress's agent and told him that he'd been thinking about adding an outdoor kitchen to his new house, and suggested a trade. And now Feagles wears no. 18. A smart man, that Jeff Feagles.

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