January 27th, 2007


Poet's Corner: The Spaghetti Nut

The Spaghetti Nut

Eddie the spaghetti nut
courted pretty Nettie Cutt.
They wed and Ed and Nettie got
a cottage in Connecticut.

Eddie said to Nettie, "Hot
spaghetti I've just got to get."
So Nettie put it in a pot
and cooked spaghetti hot and wet.

Nettie cut spaghetti up
for Eddie in Connecticut.
Eddie slurped it from a cup,
that hot spaghetti Nettie cut.

Then Eddie, Nettie and their cat
that Nettie called Spaghettipet
all sat in the spaghetti vat—
So much for their spaghettiquette.

Jack Prelutsky (b. 1940)

This should really be read aloud to get the full impact.

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