February 23rd, 2007

surprised, popeye

Lyrics challenge update!

Before posting my lyrics challenge yesterday, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the exact lyrics of no. 5. After a lot of digging, I found the songwriters official website, and it was those lyrics I used in the lyrics challenge. However, I have since found the official lyrics as sung on the version I was listening to, and what he sang does not match what the songwriter wrote. So in the interest of fairness, here is the "correct" version of the first line of song no. 5:

5. The reason why, oh I can't say, I have to let you go babe, and right away

I personally think the song makes more sense the way it was written, but I also thought I had posted a list of twenty songs, and was genuinely surprised to see tsukata and georgevna provide answers for no. 21.
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10-K, 10-B

Ten random things: February 23

Ten Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! panelists:

  1. Roy Blount Jr.
  2. Amy Dickinson
  3. Adam Felber
  4. Kyrie O'Connor
  5. Charlie Pierce
  6. Paul Provenza
  7. Mo Rocca
  8. Tom Bodett
  9. P.J. O'Rourke
  10. Richard Roeper

Today is Tom Bodett's birthday. If you don't listen to the show, you may know him better as the spokesman for Motel 6: "We'll leave the light on for you." Also, if you don't listen to the show, why the heck not? It's not like they don't make every show available online or as a podcast. You can even listen live online, every Saturday at 11 AM Eastern! Really, what excuse do you have not to listen?