March 12th, 2007


A pet peeve addressed

Attention Washington Post sportswriters:

I notced this morning that your list of local teams in the NCAA men's basketball tournament included both the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech. This demonstrates a rather fundamental misunderstanding of the meaning of the word "local." UVa is 115 miles away from Washington, DC; Tech, 268 miles. By those standards, your list of local colleges in the NCAA tournament might reasonably include Penn (136 miles), Pitt (245 miles), and even Duke (257 miles).

It's possible, I suppose, that you listed UVa and Tech as local schools not because they themselves are close to Washington, DC, but because they are in Virginia, the nothern portion of which is indisputably part of the DC area. I could accept that argument, if you had also listed Virginia Commonwealth University and Old Dominion University, both of which are in Virginia, as local schools. But you didn't, so that argument doesn't hold water.

For the record, there are three local teams in the tournament: University of Maryland, Georgetown University, and the George Washington University. Please make a note of it.
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(no subject)

And just for the record, I'm backing Wisconsin, Southern Illinois, Georgetown, and George Washington in the tournament this year. I'm not saying I think these four teams will constitute the Final Four -- indeed, they could not, since GU and GWU are in the same region -- just that they're the teams I'll be rooting for.
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Ten random things: March 12

Ten teams that received bids to the 2007 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament:

  1. Winthrop University (Big South Conference champion)
  2. Vanderbilt Universty (Southeastern Conference, at-large)
  3. The Ohio State University (Big Ten Conference champion)
  4. Long Beach State University (Big West Conference champion)
  5. Indiana University (Big Ten, at-large)
  6. University of Florida (SEC champion)
  7. Old Dominion University (Colonial Athletic Assocation champion)
  8. Boston College (Atlantic Coast Conference, at-large)
  9. University of Memphis (Conference USA champion)
  10. University at Albany, SUNY (America East Conference champion)
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Music Monday

Say, remember the TV series Jesse? It was an NBC sitcom starring Christina Applegate as a single mother living in Buffalo, and one of many failed attempts to fill the timeslot after Friends. It was pretty bad, and it was canceled after two seasons. But there was one good thing about it: the theme song, "Time For You" by the Tories.

The Tories - Time For You (MP3, 2.5 Mb)

In a just universe, "Time For You" would have been as big a hit for the Tories as "I'll Be There For You" was for the Rembrandts, but it was not to be. By the time "Time For You" was released on an album and as a single, Jesse had been canceled and no one wanted to be reminded of it. Too bad, because in my opinion it's not just a great television theme song, but a power pop masterpiece in its own right.

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