September 3rd, 2007


Ten random things: Reader Request Month, day 3

Ten episodes of television shows with the word "dollhouse" (or some variation thereof) in the title:

  1. "The One with the Dollhouse" (Friends #3.20)
  2. "A Doll's House with Pom Pom and Trophies" (Channing #1.10)
  3. "Dollhouse Drama" (Dexter's Laboratory, #1.9a)
  4. "The Big Doll House" (American Heiress #1.53)
  5. "Dollhouse Burns" (Urban Gothic, #2.8 and 2.9)
  6. "Murder in the Doll's House (Barnaby Jones #1.7)
  7. "Welcome to the Dollhouse" (Gilmore Girls #6.6)
  8. "House of Dolls" (Fantasy Island #5.11)
  9. "Dollhouse" (Law & Order: Criminal Intent #5.10)
  10. "Life in the Doll House" (Durham County, #1.6)

a2zmom wanted to see a list containing dollhouses. What I've learned in compiling this list is that after you type it over and over and over, the word "dollhouse" starts to look really weird. It's the "llh" combo, I think.