September 6th, 2007


Ten random things: Reader Request Month, day 6

Ten non-book items you can purchase at my bookstore:

  1. Cribbage boards in the shape of Mickey Mouse's head
  2. Keychains shaped that pigs that light up and go OINK when you squeeze them
  3. High School Musical-themed UNO cards
  4. Ballpoint pens designed to look like lit cigarettes
  5. Folders into which you can place your collection of state quarters
  6. Walter the Farting Dog plush toys
  7. Bookmarks in the shape of different letters of the alphabet
  8. Fake golf balls that explode into powder when hit
  9. Novelty poker chips with inspirational sayings on them (e.g. "Jesus went ALL IN for you")
  10. Pirates of the Caribbean Monopoly

Today's list is for abby20, who wanted to see ballpoint pens mentioned in a list.

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