September 10th, 2007

10-K, 10-B

Ten random things: Reader Request Month, day 10

Ten reviews of the new Scion xD:

  1. "Urb or burb, the new car seems pretty good transport for those who don't need big, nor want brawny, nor care much about brisk." (USA Today)
  2. "Thankfully, the dash ditches the xA’s heinous center display for a more user-friendly central speedo; albeit one housed in a plastic surround reminiscent of a Kohler urinal." (The Truth About Cars)
  3. "Its interior is also hampered by odd-looking gauges and a lack of front legroom." (
  4. "Acceleration from a stop is adequate at best with either manual or automatic transmission, but hills noticeably slow progress." (ConsumerGuide Automotive)
  5. "The 2008 Scion xD can afford to be a little off kilter. It can do so because it is comfortable in its own quality, its own unique style, and its own driving abilites." (
  6. "It should definitely be on your list if you're shopping for a small car." (Kicking Tires)
  7. "It was not as quiet and certainly not as powerful or roomy as the larger xB, but we liked its good-natured tossability, pricing, and fuel mileage." (The Car Family)
  8. "I am greatly disappointed." (Straight Car Reviews)
  9. "Also, the xD offers less interior room than the old xA did, in particular less legroom: a critical four fewer inches in the rear seat, and one less inch in front." (web2carz)
  10. "I was disappointed by how pokey the xD is." (Auto Shows, Auto Reviews)

Today's list is for figgy_newton, who was interested in seeing the new Scion xD mentioned in a list. And who is have a tonsillectomy today! Yikes! Get well soon, livy!

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