September 28th, 2007

10-P, 10-E

Ten random things: Reader Request Month, day 28

Ten Chief Technology Officers:
  1. Greg Papadopoulos (Sun Microsystems)
  2. Padmasree Warrior (Motorola)
  3. José Royo (Ascent Media Group)
  4. Jeff Sutherland (PatientKeeper, Inc.)
  5. Phil Hester (Advanced Micro Devices)
  6. Michael A. Pacheco (Archer Daniels Midland)
  7. Marcus Rex (Linux Foundation)
  8. John J. Roese (Nortel Networks)
  9. Bryan Doerr (SAVVIS)
  10. Mary Lou Jepsen (One Laptop Per Child)

Gah, what a pain this list was. astrablue wanted to see Jose Royo. It's possible that when she made her request, she was thinking of the Spanish impressionist painter, but hey, I'm no mind reader. It's just as plausible that she was thinking of the Chief Technology Officer of Ascent Media Group. Who's a pretty interesting guy, actually. He holds three degrees from Harvard, including an MBA and a Ph.D. in East Asian languages. In fact, my original idea was to make a list of Harvard Ph.D.s. But as I was composing the list, I decided I would only include people for whom I could find the year they were awarded their degrees. And after I selected the first nine people for the list -- one of whom was a Nobel Prize-winning virologist, perfect for an astablue list -- I pulled up the Harvard Business School Bulletin feature article I'd found about Royo... and discovered it didn't list the year he'd been awarded his Ph.D. A subsequent Google search failed to turn up the year, meaning I was unable to use him on my list. One might say that an arbitrary and pointless rule made up on the spot is no reason to throw out a 9/10s complete list, and I can't really argue the point, but that's the way I roll. Anyway, further searches revealed that Royo had recently been named CTO of Ascent Media, so I headed off in that direction.

Now then, the obligatory poem. Just a clerihew this time:

My niece Molly
Is pretty darn cute, by golly
But she's even more sweet
With panda bear socks on her feet

See, Molly's mom is out of town, and her dad, i.e. my brother, had to go into the office this morning, so I got to spend some quality time with Molly today. The three of us drove into DC this morning -- I had the day off -- and Molly and I headed over to the National Gallery of Art to spend some time wandering around. (Why the National Gallery? No particularly good reason, other than that the West Building is well designed for little kids to wander aimlessly in -- lots of wide open spaces, stairs with a low rise, colorful stuff on the walls and hanging from the ceiling to look at, and so on.) Anyway, as we walked (well, I walked, she rode in her stroller), I noticed that she was wearing no shoes. Or socks. Possibly she kicked them off in the car, but I think it's equally likely that Andy just forgot to put any on her before leaving the house. Regardless, I didn't want her walking around in her bare feet, so I bought her some socks at the gift shop in the lobby of the Marriott at Metro Center. Socks with panda bears on them. And once I had those socks on her, every single person who talked to Molly or to me about Molly commented on how cute her socks were. So that's what the poem's about.

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