September 29th, 2007


Poet's Corner: Naming the Stars

Naming the Stars

This present tragedy will eventually
turn into myth, and in the mist
of that later telling the bell tolling
now will be a symbol, or, at least,
a sign of something long since lost.

This will be another one of those
loose changes, the rearrangement of
hearts, just parts of old lives
patched together, gathered into
a dim constellation, small consolation.

Look, we will say, you can almost see
the outline there: her fingertips
touching his, the faint fusion
of two bodies breaking into light.

Joyce Sutphen (born 1949)

Today's poem is for amandajane5, who wanted to see stars. Or, as she put it, Stars!

Of possible interest to someone is that Joyce Sutphen is a professor of English at Gustavus Adolphus College. Don't I have a GAC grad among my LJ friends? I think I do...