October 2nd, 2007


Ten random things: Reader Request Month, day 31 (belated)

Ten reasons I'm posting day 31's list on day 32:

  1. Got stuck in line at the DMV
  2. Lost track of time reading Richard Russo's new novel Bridge of Sighs
  3. Had to play host to visiting dignitaries from the Gamma Quadrant
  4. The Doctor still hasn't calibrated that damn short-range chronal guidance system
  5. Run off the road by a couple of pretty boys driving a black 1967 Chevy Impala with Kansas plates
  6. Was detained for several hours by airport police after running through terminal shouting for my friend Mrs. Baumbach
  7. Outsourced it to Blackwater USA, which was too busy murdering Iraqi civilians to complete the list
  8. Halo 3
  9. Spent all night sorting through MySpace freind requests
  10. Corporate IT ran an unnecessary procedure on the computer at work that prevented me from posting from there

Today's Yesterday's This list is for rustydog, who wanted to see time travel mentioned in a list. Hopefully, a list that alludes to time travel is close enough.

Number six was going to be a Larry Craig joke, but I couldn't work out the wording to my satisfaction, so I made it a Westing Game reference instead. Just because fox1013 didn't make any requests this year doesn't mean I'm not looking out for her interests.

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Ten random things: Reader Request Month:, day 32

Ten interesting places to shop in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area:

  1. Alexandria Farmer's Market, Alexandria (fresh produce)
  2. The Persnickety Palm, Leesburg (women's clothing)
  3. Backstage, Capitol Hill (theatrical supplies)
  4. The Ship's Hatch, Arlington (nautical antiques and collectibles)
  5. Barry's Magic Shop, Wheaton (magic tricks)
  6. Big Monkey Comics, Mid-City (comic books)
  7. Artisan Lamps, Cleveland Park (new and antique lamps)
  8. Three Dog Bakery, Bethesda (gourmet dog treats)
  9. House of Musical Traditions, Takoma Park (acoustic musical instruments)
  10. A Little Shop of Flowers, Adams Morgan (exotic plants)

Today's list is for angelchicken, who wanted to see farmer's markets in a list. Just one, though. Full disclosure: The Persnickety Palm is formerly owned by my sister-in-law, and currently owned by a friend of mine from my church. Big Monkey is a shop I'm familiar with via the Internet -- two comics blogs I regularly read are written by Big Monkey employees -- that I keep meaning to visit when I'm downtown, but have yet to get around to. The other eight were drawn from Gotta Shop! 50 or So Great Little Places in the D.C. Metro Area by Paula Coupe.

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