December 27th, 2007

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Advent 2007: The Holy Family

Nicolas Poussin (1594 – 1665)
The Holy Family, circa 1632
Oil on canvas
The Holy Family
The Oskar Reinhart Collection, Winterthur

It was a lot harder to find a holiday work of art from Switzerland than I expected. There are a lot of art museums in Switzerland, but most of them don't have very good online collections, and more than a few have no English language versions of their pages. Another major complicating factor was that the Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection -- which has a very nice online collection with many fine holiday works of art from which to choose -- turned out to be located not in Lugano-Castagnola, Switzerland, as claimed by Olga's Gallery, but in Madrid. And alas, I've been never been to Spain.

I have been to Switzerland, though, once, in 1985. Lucerne, to be exact. Nice place, even though I accidentally electrocuted myself by grabbing an unmarked electric fence while out for a walk.

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