January 15th, 2008

cooking, food


An episode of Good Eats about beer followed by two about pickles? Good Lord, Alton Brown has turned against me.

Ten random things: January 15

Ten Super Bowl MVPs:

  1. Randy White (Super Bowl XII)
  2. Deion Branch (Super Bowl XXXIX)
  3. Troy Aikman (Super Bowl XXVII)
  4. Marcus Allen (Super Bowl XVIII)
  5. Len Dawson (Super Bowl IV)
  6. Larry Brown (Super Bowl XXX)
  7. Franco Harris (Super Bowl IX)
  8. Bart Starr (Super Bowl I and II)
  9. Phil Simms (Super Bowl XXI)
  10. Tom Brady (Super Bowls XXXVI and XXXVIII)

It should be noted that Randy White was only one of two MVPs of Super Bowl XII; Harvey Martin was the other. It should also be noted that Len Dawson is the Super Bowl MVP who appears most often in crossword puzzles. He's sort of the Uta Hagen of pro football in that sense.