April 27th, 2008

tender juicy children

Encounters with children

At work:

Me: (showing her a picture of the Chicago Picasso) Do you like this statue?
Girl: It's brown.
Me: It is brown! It's a famous statue in Chicago, which...
Girl: I'm five.
Me: Wow, that's great. When I was five, I lived near Chicago, and I went to see this statue, and I liked it so much I took this picture of it.
Girl: My mom's from the Philippines.
Me: Really? I've never been to the Philippines, but I hear it's nice there.


Me: (after watching a young girl help her dad get the mail) Good job! And now I know how to do it.
Dad: (seeing the girl staying by the mailboxes) Are you making sure he does it right?
Girl: Do you live in my neighborhood?
Dad: His mailbox is right by ours...
Me: I do! I'm two houses away from you.
Dad: So he lives next to [redacted].
Girl: (studying row of houses) The house with the red door.
Me: Yes! That was great how you figured that out.
Girl: Bye!
doctor who

No deal

I've never watched Deal or No Deal, never really had any interest... but if I ever had had any interest, the commercial I just saw for the special star Wars episode would have killed it. Now, if it was a Doctor Who episode, that'd be worth watching. Briefcase Models dressed like Leela! A Cyberbanker! (Obscured behind plastic sheeting, of course.) And they could probably work Daleks in there somehow...