June 10th, 2008

brutal!, bad bad bad bad


This whole "election official" gig looks a lot better in the abstract than it does at 4:30 in the morning.

Ten random things: June 10

Ten patronages of Saint Eligius:

  1. Coin collectors
  2. Gilders
  3. Knife makers
  4. Jockeys
  5. Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
  6. Jewelers
  7. Miners
  8. Veterinarians
  9. Locksmiths
  10. Cartwrights

St. Eligius may be best known in the United States as the namesake of the hospital featured in the television show St. Elsewhere. He may also have inspired the name of the race of surface-dwellers in The Time Machine -- Eligius is known as Eloi in French. That's just baseless speculation on my part though.