September 6th, 2008

10-J, 10-M

Ten random things: September 5

Ten other things that aren't Walter Reed Army Medical Center:

  1. Walter Reed, a.k.a. rapper Killah Priest

  2. Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center

  3. Wally Reed and the Goldtones

  4. "Walter Reed" by Michael Penn
  5. Walter Read, English cricketer

  6. Allen Walker Read, expert on the word "fuck"

  7. H. Reed Walker, P.A.

  8. Walter Russell Mead, Henry A. Kissinger senior fellow for U.S. foreign policy at the Council on Foreign Relations

  9. Walter Reed, actor

  10. Duane Reade Pharmacy

John McCain gave his acceptance speech in front of a large photograph of Walter Reed Middle School, a public school in North Hollywood, California. It is, I'm sure, a complete coincidence that they chose a school that shares a namesake with Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and not a massive (yet comical) screw-up on the part of the campaign...


Poet's Corner: This Moment

This Moment

A neighbourhood.
At dusk.

Things are getting ready
to happen
out of sight.

Stars and moths.
And rinds slanting around fruit.

But not yet.

One tree is black.
One window is yellow as butter.

A woman leans down to catch a child
who has run into her arms
this moment.

Stars rise.
Moths flutter.
Apples sweeten in the dark.

Eavan Boland (born 1944)

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