October 23rd, 2008

surprised, popeye

I made this!

Found today in the food court: an abandoned prize from a Chick-Fil-A kid's meal. It was an unassembled coated-cardstock model of a ladybug, plus some interesting bug trading cards. And after lunch, things were slow and, well, idle hands and all that.

Ladybug model from Chick-Fil-A

Literary parallels

I'm reading Anna Karenina right now, and I just came to this passage, in which Anna is considering what do do next, having told her husband of her secret love:

"'I must get ready. To go where? When? Whom to take with me? Yes, to Moscow by the evening train. Annushka and Seryozha, and only the most necessary things.'"

And then, a few pages later, a description of her preparations:

"Two trunks, some bags and strapped-up rugs, had been carried down into the hall. The carriage and two hired cabs were waiting at the steps."

Yeah, can't leave your husband without some rugs! They really tie the room together. Anyway, the whole thing reminded me of this cartoon:

The Grapes of Wrath 2008 by Ruben Bolling

No real point to any of this, just thought I'd point it out.

10-S, 10-D

Ten random things: October 23

Ten actresses who played Anna Karenina:

  1. Ann Crumb (1992 Broadway musical)
  2. Kelly Kaduce (2007 Florida Grand Opera production)
  3. Marie-Pierre Greve (2004 Royal Danish Ballet production)
  4. Claire Bloom (1961 miniseries)
  5. Ingrid Bergman (1944 Screen Guild Theater radio adaptation)
  6. Betty Nansen (1915 film)
  7. Greta Garbo (1935 film)
  8. Jacqueline Bisset (1985 film)
  9. Nicola Pagett (1977 miniseries
  10. Helen McCrory (2000 miniseries)

As previously indicated, I'm currently reading Anna Karenina. It's very good! I think this Tolstoy fellow has quite a future.