March 4th, 2009

10-J, 10-M

Ten random things: March 4

Ten comics dogs:

  1. Otto (Beetle Bailey)
  2. Farley (For Better or For Worse)
  3. Daisy (Blondie)
  4. Odie (Garfield)
  5. Marmaduke (Marmaduke)
  6. Snoopy (Peanuts)
  7. Dawg (Hi and Lois)
  8. Snert (Hagar the Horrible)
  9. Rover (Red and Rover)
  10. Poncho (Pooch Cafe)

I was doing a crossword earlier today, and come across the following clue: [Comics dog]. Five letters. The answer didn't spring to mind immediately, so I flipped the paper over and just started listing all the comics dogs I could think of, until finally hitting upon SNERT, which was the right length and had an R in the right place, and which turned out to be the right answer. At that point I had eight dogs listed... hey, it's 80% of a list! And they say doing crosswords isn't a productive way to spend time.

movies, oscars

Trivia has led me astray

A sign you know too much Oscar trivia: You're doing a crossword, and when you see the clue [Oscar winner for "The Bridge on the River Kwai"] with a twelve-letter answer, you immediately think, "must be PIERRE BOULLE!" The correct answer was, of course, ALEC GUINNESS; in my defense, it was a Saturday puzzle from the New York Times, so the obvious answer is never a safe bet.

I may as well add at this point that the story behind Boulle's award is an interesting one. The screenplay for The Bridge on the River Kwai was written by Carl Foreman and Michael Wilson, neither of whom could be credited due to having been blacklisted as Communist sympathizers. Producer David Lean therefore credited Boulle, who wrote the novel on which the film was based (and Planet of the Apes, he added irrelevantly) as the screenwriter, even though Boulle by his own admission spoke no English. In 1984, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences added Foreman and Wilson's name to the award, but did not remove Boulle's.