March 30th, 2009


Ten random things: March 30

Ten things I did in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, yesterday:

  1. Attended a worship service at Christ Lutheran Church ...
  2. ... and served as a pillow for nephew David, who stayed up way too late the night before
  3. Gave nephew Matthew a copy of a childhood favorite of mine, The Flying Hockey Stick
  4. Made niece Libby give me five dollars out of her piggy bank ...
  5. ... and put it back later when she wasn't watching
  6. Wiped drool of chin of nephew Benjamin
  7. Shared delicious dinner with my brother and sister
  8. Watched "Save the Armadillo," an episode of Wonder Pets
  9. Pretended to work as a fashion designer in a design studio run by niece Libby
  10. Watched episodes of Caillou with niece Molly

As I mentioned yesterday, I was up in Gettysburg visiting my sister and brother and their respective families. In case you were wondering why I was extorting money from my niece, it is this way: on a previous visit, Libby hired me to work for her design firm, and when she asked me to take up my pencil again, I complained about not having been paid for my previous service. Of course, I didn't actually want her money, which is why I returned it later, but I felt it was important to stay true to the spirit of the game.

Incidentally, by all accounts Matthew loved the book I gave him. Yay!

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I made this!

Yesterday I spent some time drawing with my niece Libby and nephew Matthew. (This was part of the aforementioned design studio game.) After making six "fashion" drawings, I switched over to drawing various animals. Libby and Mathew were both extremely amused by how close together I drew some of them; they suggested that the flamingo was smelling the lion's butt, and the cat the flamingo's.

I made this!