September 30th, 2009


Coolness by association

Speaking of college, the town in which I spent most of my college years, Mount Vernon, Iowa, has been named by Budget Travel magazine as one of the coolest small towns in the United States. I don't know that I ever thought of it as cool while I lived there -- and given how much First Street has changed since I graduated, it's entirely possible it only became cool after I left -- but I sure liked it a lot. I sort of regret that Grant Wood barn wasn't around back then, though.
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Ten random things: September 30

Ten people with only one real eye:

  1. General Chang
  2. Sammy Davis, Jr.
  3. Polyphemus
  4. Moshe Dayan
  5. Nick Fury
  6. Peter Falk
  7. Odin
  8. Glen Sonmor
  9. Steve Austin
  10. Mo Udall

I was watching Futurama when I decided to create this list, but decided not to include the one-eyed character from that show on the list because... well, for no good reason, to be honest. I should admit that I don't know if General Chang is missing his left eye, though the fact that his eye patch is bolted into his skull would suggest it's entirely gone.

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