October 26th, 2009


Ten random things: October 26

Ten federally recognized American Indian tribes in Michigan:

  1. Lac Vieux Desert Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians
  2. Grand Traverse Bay Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians
  3. Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians
  4. Hannahville Indian Community (Upper Peninsula)
  5. Little River Band of Ottawa Indians
  6. Match-e-be-nash-she-wish Band of Potawatomi Indians of Michigan (Gun Lake)
  7. Nottawaseppi Huron Band of the Potawatomi Indians
  8. Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians
  9. Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe
  10. Bay Mills Chippewa Indian Community

Thanks to petzipellepingo for doing the legwork on this one. (Well, sort of... she got it all from the Freep.) I remember dealing with some of these tribes (specifically, nos. 2, 3, 5, 8, and 10 above) when I worked for U.S. Senator Don Riegle of Michigan back in the early 90s. They were, of course, looking to be able to exercise the fishing rights granted to them by treaty in 1836. It was (and remains) a particularly controversial issue, because the treaty gives the tribes the right to use gill nets, which the White Man claims damages the fishery by encouraging overfishing.

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