March 29th, 2010

count, ten, 10-A

Ten random things: March 29

Ten things I could have done in Green Bay this weekend, but didn't:

  1. Played the slots at the Oneida Casino
  2. Seen the rare albino alligator "Lucky" at the NEW Zoo
  3. Explored the historic buildings at Heritage Hill State Historical Park
  4. Ridden a full-size train at the National Railroad Museum
  5. Toured Lambeau Field
  6. Fished for muskie on Lake Michigan
  7. Gorged myself on fresh cheese curds from Scray Cheese
  8. Shopped for useful gadgets at Cooks Corner, the nation's largest kitchen store
  9. Hiked along the Fox River State Recreational Trail
  10. Seen Martina McBride perform live in concert at the Resch Center

Actually, I couldn't have done that last one, because it would have conflicted with zengoalie's quarterfinal match.

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