April 5th, 2010


Ten random things: April 5

Ten languages in which I could have taken a Hewlett Packard Customer Support Survey last night:

  1. Español
  2. 日本語 (Nihongo)
  3. Slovenščina
  4. български език (Bulgarian)
  5. Français
  6. Nederlands
  7. ภาษาไทย (Phasa Thai)
  8. Dansk
  9. עִבְרִית (Ivrit)
  10. Polski

Some of you may not be able to read all the entries on this list. That is, you may not be able to see the characters, because you may not have the right language sets loaded on you computer. I think if you have Windows Vista or Windows 7 you should see them fine, because I can see them and I'm pretty sure I never went to the trouble of installing them, which leads me to believe they came preinstalled with the operating system. Any, for those languages that use non-Roman fonts, I included a transliteration. I'm so thoughtful that way.

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doctor who


Man, I haven't done a gratuitous icon post in ages. Lemme check the ol' archives... let's see, looks like it was back in May 2009. Anyway, this here Doctor Who icon is based on my own post from early Monday morning, which demonstrates the danger in importing catch phrases from one fandom into another.

MATT SMITH is my master now
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