April 21st, 2010


Ten random things: August 21

Ten performers in ECOTONES - A Musical Ecology of Wisconsin:

  1. Bruce Gladstone, tenor
  2. John Aley, trumpet
  3. Emily Blessing, piano
  4. Shauncey Ali, fiddle and viola
  5. Ben Willis, string bass
  6. Parry Karp, cello
  7. John Stevens, tuba
  8. Chris Bocast, guitar/ebow
  9. Michael Bell, mandolin
  10. Florin Loghin, bassoon

Last night, the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison sponsored ECOTONES - A Musical Ecology of Wisconsin, an Earth Day concert celebrating Wisconsin's environment at the Overture Center in downtown Madison. I enjoyed all the music—mostly classical, but there was also an ambient electronic piece and a fusion-bluegrass number (the composer called it "class-grass")—but I feel like the show went on a bit too long; including the intermission, it ran more than two hours, though I think they may have started it somewhat later than the advertised time. Perhaps they could have limited the program to the three pieces that were composed specifically for this concert, especially since they only performed excerpts from the other two. I'm willing to admit, though, that my perception of the length of the show may have been affected by the seating, which was not particularly comfortable. The pitch between rows was pretty minimal, even for my relatively short legs.

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