May 7th, 2010


Music is the new pornography

The new New Pornographers album Together has been released and it is outstanding. It's on sale for $7.99 at Target if you like having a physical copy of your music, or you can get it direct from Amazon or iTunes. (I prefer amazon, because it's DRM-free, but there are some bonus tracks only available through iTunes.)

Here they are performing one of the songs from the new album, "Crash Years," on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night. Great performance of a great song! (Which, by the way, you can download for free (the album version, not this live version) right now at

And here's the first video from the album, "Your Hands (Together)." (Which, by the way, you can download for free right now at the Matador Records website.)

This video is reminiscent of the video for an older New Pornographers song, "All For Swinging You Around" (which you can watch at the Matador Records website). I like the new song somewhat better, but prefer the older video.
10-J, 10-M

Ten random things: May 7

Ten stations stops on Amtrak's Empire Builder route:

  1. Portland, Ore.
  2. Portage, Wis.
  3. Devils Lake, N.D.
  4. Browning, Mont. (winter only)
  5. Red Wing, Minn.
  6. Cut Bank, Mont.
  7. West Glacier, Mont.
  8. Minot, N.D.
  9. Glenview, Ill.
  10. Essex, Mont. (flag stop)

The idea of taking a train all the way from Chicago to Seattle or Portland seems kind of neat, but I've done long-distance train travel before (from D.C. to Chicago) and actually it's kind of tedious. I'm sure the scenery is gorgeous as the train goes through the Rocky Mountains, but still 45 to 46 hours on a train sounds pretty grueling.