May 19th, 2010


Ten random things: May 19

Ten works presented in The New Smithsonian Book of Comic-Book Stories:

  1. "I Remember the Sixties" by R. Crumb
  2. "The Strange Death of Captain America" by Stan Lee and Jim Steranko
  3. "Izzy the Cockroach and the Meaning of Life" by Will Eisner
  4. "Born Again" by Frank Miller with Klaus Janson and Lynn Varley
  5. "Hebron" by Joe Sacco
  6. "San Francisco" by Lynda Barry
  7. "Labor" by Carol Tyler
  8. "Nobody Left at the Cafe Guerbois" by Eddie Campbell
  9. "Jimbo" by Gary Panter
  10. "Watchmaker" by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons

My brother gave me this book for my birthday but I only got around to looking through it earlier today. I let it get buried under a pile of stuff on my desk and only unearthed it tonight while tidying up my room. Looks like an interesting collection of stories! Also interesting: the last story on the list is named in the table of contents and the source notes at the back of the book as "Dr. Manhattan" despite that not being the name of the story. The credits given for "Born Again" are interesting too, in that they spelled inker Klaus Janson's name wrong (they have it as Jackson), and credited the color artist as a co-creator but reprinted the story in black-and-white. (Which is really a pity, because Varley's colors in that story are amazing.)