May 30th, 2010


Art on Sunday: White Lantern

Sid Boyum (1914–1991)
White Lantern, date unknown
Sid Boyum, White Lantern
Sid Boyum, White Lantern
Schenk's Corners, Madison, Wis.
Photos by and © Flickr user Central Historian. Used with permission.

Last month, I was down at the intersection of Atwood and Winnebago waiting for a bus, and, having a bit of time to spare, I wandered over to the traffic island to take a closer look at the sculpture pictured above. I had never heard of Sid Boyum, but I made a note on my phone to look him up later. But I didn't get around to doing so until a few weeks later when I was at Yahara Place Park and found another Sid Boyum sculpture, Fu Dog Lantern. Clearly, this was a man worth learning more about, so when I got home I Googled him, and found that in addition to the two lanterns, there were at least ten other Boyum sculptures scattered about the east side of Madison, some of which I had seen without realizing they were by the same artist. Boyum was an interesting guy, and I couldn't possibly do a better job of explaining who he was than Nadine Goff, whose 2007 article about Boyum and his work can be found at her website. You should also check out her photo set of his sculptures, from which the two photos above were taken.
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