June 2nd, 2010



Sally Quinn, Whig:

“You come in from another community and you don't know anything about the people,” [Quinn] says, explaining why the Establishment is so critical to governance. “So you don't know what perspectives they bring to something and what the relationships are and … who's feuding and why…. And all of that is extremely important information for people in the White House to know.”

I never much cared for Quinn's columns in the Washington Post, precisely because of the elitist attitude and aristocratic mien she displays in this quote. Having now read Evgenia Peretz's Vanity Fair profile of her, I also don't much care for her.


Ten random things: June 2

Ten Whig politicians:

  1. Millard Fillmore (N.Y.)
  2. Lewis D. Campbell (Ohio)
  3. William A. Graham (N.C.)
  4. Theodore Frelinghuysen (N.J.)
  5. Abraham Lincoln (Ill.)
  6. Hugh Lawson White (Tenn.)
  7. William S. Archer (Va.)
  8. Daniel Webster (Mass.)
  9. Zachary Taylor (La.)
  10. Henry Clay (Ky.)

Abraham Lincoln is better known as a Republican, but he started his political career as a Whig.