September 7th, 2010

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Ten random things: September 7

Ten officers of instruction and government of the University of Wisconsin in 1900:

  1. Charles Frederick Burgess, B.S., assistant professor of Electrical Engineering
  2. Storm Bull, M.E., professor of Steam Engineering
  3. Stephen Moulton Babcock, Ph.D., professor of Agricultural Chemistry and Chief Chemist to the Experiment Station
  4. Edwin Eustace Bryant, dean of the College of Law, professor of Practice and Pleading, Equity and Railway Law, and the Law of Public Offices and Officers
  5. John Barber Parkinson, A.M., vice-president, professor of Constitutional and International Law
  6. Edward Asahel Birge, Ph.D., Sc.D., dean of the College of Letters and Science, professor of Zoology
  7. Lellen Sterling Cheney, M.S., assistant professor of Pharmaceutical Botany
  8. William Levi Carlyle, B.S.A., professor of Animal Husbandry
  9. George Cary Comstock, Ph.B., LL.B., professor of Astronomy and director of Washburn Observatory
  10. Victor Coffin, Ph.D., assistant professor of European History

Today is the birthday of E. A. Birge, a former University of Wisconsin-Madison president and namesake of Birge Hall, home of the university's Department of Botany. He was a biologist by training, but made his greatest mark scientifically as a pioneer of limnology, the study of inland lakes.

It's interesting to see that the faculty at the time included several people with undergraduate degrees only, and one person who doesn't appear to have had any degree at all. (Not that it stood in the way of him having a very distinguished career.)