October 15th, 2010


"I think it is demonstrative of The Corner's general quality vis-a-vis thinking things through"

Some of you may have heard that Pat Sajak recently wrote a breathtakingly stupid column for National Review Online, in which he suggested that public employees be stripped of their right to vote if they might benefit from what's being voted on. You could read the actual column if you're so inclined, but it's only slightly more nuanced than how I just described it. Normally I wouldn't even bother mentioning something like this, but I needed to to provide context for the following, which was posted as a comment to the column by someone called AOLMUSCLEGRANDMA:

This is a great idea. Citizens should only be able to vote on things that don't affect them. We could set up independent "voting panels" and they can decide what things people can vote on. And then we can publish how individuals voted so if we figure out that if someone benefited from voting, we can retroactively take that vote away.

As my grandkids would say, "cool beans." This is the best idea that has ever appeared on The Corner and I think it is demonstrative of The Corner's general quality vis-a-vis thinking things through and having good ideas about cool things that are not at all stupid. You really "solved the puzzle."

This second sentence of the second paragraph is basically the greatest thing I've ever read and I really wish I had written it. H/t: Balloon Juice.

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Ten random things: October 15

Ten things you may not have known about Onalaska, Wisconsin:

  1. Identical twin tennis pros Tim and Tim Gullikson grew up in Onalaska.
  2. Onalaska is the Sunfish Capital of the World.
  3. As of the 2000 census, Onalaska was home to 14,839 people.
  4. The city was platted by Thomas G. Rowe of New York and John C. Laird of Pennsylvania in 1851.
  5. The mayor of Onalaska is Mike Giese, whose term ends in 2012.
  6. The City requires that lawns, grasses, and noxious weeds on lots, and parcels of land be kept trimmed below 8 inches in length.
  7. The name cames from the poem, "The Pleasures of Hope" by Scottish poet Thomas Campbell.
  8. The Omni Center, Onalaska's convention center and indoor arena, is the second largest convention center in southwest Wisconsin.
  9. Onalaska is located on the Mississippi River Migratory Flyway and is surrounded by protected wetlands, making it one of the best fall birdwatching destinations in the Midwest.
  10. The Onalaska High School girls hockey team made a record six consecutive appearances in the state tournament, finishing second in 2005 and 2006.

Twitter has a feature whereby it will detect your location and tag your Tweets with where you're Tweeting from. My neighborhood, for whatever reason, is somewhat opaque to the locator service, so I never quite know where it's going to think I am on any given night. Tonight, it has decided I'm in Onalaska, which I had never even heard of prior to this evening. Turns out it's a small city on the Minnesota border, about 140 west of here. Weird.