December 24th, 2010

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FIC: The Christmas Canine Caper

Title: The Christmas Canine Caper
Fandom/Pairing: Community; Jeff/Annie
Spoilers: None. Mmmmaybe through 2.04 if you stretch the definition of the term
Rating/Warnings: PG for a few mild profanities
Word Count: 8,430
Disclaimer: Community and the related characters are © 2010 Sony Pictures Television Inc. and Universal Media Studios.
Notes: This is a sequel to Trouble in the Turkish District, a Community AU fic set in the 1940s, but no knowledge of that story nor of the show is necessary. Thanks to htbthomas for giving this the once-over and identifying some spots that needed to be clarified.

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Christmas, Advent

Advent Art: Julaftonen (Christmas Eve)

Carl Larsson (1853–1919)
Julaftonen (Christmas Eve), 1904-5
Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden

This is not one of my busier Christmas Eve. In fact, I didn't do anything at all up until 4:30, when I attended the Family Christmas Eve service at my church. It really wasn't oriented toward someone of my age, but it was a fun service, and the kids seemed to be having a good time. Afterward, my sister picked me up and I went out her her place, where we had a supper not entirely unlike the one seen in this picture. Swap out the roast turkey, potatoes, pies, rolls, fancy cheeses, and cones of yellow goo for pizza and baby carrots, and replace the candelabras with an Advent wreath, and you could hardly tell the difference. Later this evening, I'll be back at church, this time to sing at the 9:00 Christmas Eve service.

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