January 7th, 2011


Advent art map and statistics

This is kind of neat; I used the map feature of Flickr to plot the locations of the works of art I featured during my Advent art project (minus the two works I don't know the location of, of course). If you care to see the geographical distribution of the works I showed during the last 40 day, click here. As you can see, I didn't venture particularly far afield; aside from one work from Jamaica, one from Australia, and one from Asia Minor, every one of them can be found in the US or western Europe. I did look for works in South America and Africa, but the museums found there don't have much of an online presence.

And here's the breakdown by medium:

Paintings: 19
Prints: 5
Photographs: 4
Ink drawings: 4
Sculpture: 3
Mosaic: 1
Glass: 1
Metal: 1
Book: 1
Ceramics: 1

Not a bad balance between paintings and everything else.
count, ten, 10-A

Ten random things: January 7

The last ten songs I listened to:

  1. Sufjan Stevens - The Dress Looks Nice On You
  2. Aimee Mann - Save Me
  3. Stars - Take Me To The Riot
  4. Cat Power - Troubled Waters
  5. Better Than Ezra - Conjunction Junction
  6. The Beatles - You Like Me Too Much
  7. Rie Sinclair - We Bend Together
  8. Eva Cassidy - American Tune
  9. Regina Spektor - On The Radio
  10. Franz Ferdinand - No You Girls

Back to this lists! This is my traditional first list after Advent list; it pays homage to the first list of ten things I ever did, way back on March 3, 2004. Looking back through the archives, I see that the only year I didn't post a variation on this list was 2005; when I posted a list of ten Simpsons episodes mentioned in the footnotes of Planet Simpson: How a Cartoon Masterpiece Defined a Generation.

(False. January 6, 2006 was a Saturday, so I posted a rare prose entry in my Poet's Corner feature, "Long Sentence" by Michael Kinsley. January 7, 2007 was a Sunday, so I posted a work of art, an illuminated manuscript page depicting the Annunciation from the collection of the Getty Museum in L.A. At first I thought maybe it was a leftover work from that's years Advent project, but 2006 was a poetry year. Just a coincidence I happened to post a work that would have been right at home in an Advent art project, I guess. I have a vague thought that it may have been prompted by something I read around that time about an exhibit of illuminated manuscripts at the Getty. This one, perhaps?)

January 7, 2004, was before I started posting daily lists, but coincidentally I did post a list that day, of "seven random thoughts", including my idea for a collectible card game based on American Girl dolls, in which attacks were psychological instead of physical. Quoth me: "For example, Molly would attack by throwing a tea party and not inviting Kaya, and Samantha would attack by calling Felicity a slut behind her back." I still think this is a good idea.