January 21st, 2011


Community podcast

Crossposted from community_tvCommunity 101 even though I think most everyone who cares will have seen it over there.

This week, the Rockford (IL) Register Star kicked off a weekly Community podcast! Quoting from their podcast blog:

Starting this week, we’re expanding the What We Watched podcast beyond movies and focusing on one of our favorite sitcoms, “Community,” which airs on NBC. We honestly think it has the potential to be numbered among the all-time greats, and we’re hoping to encourage everyone to tune in Thursday nights by gabbing about it Friday mornings.

I just listened to the first episode, in which the panelists introduce the show to listeners who may not be familiar with it and discuss last night's episode, and it was pretty good! You'll be able to find future episodes by looking for posts tagged "community" at the podcast blog, or by following the RSS feed for that tag. You can also subscribe via iTunes, but that will get you every Register Star podcast, not just the Community ones.

I'll mention here what I didn't bother to say over there, that I happened across this new podcast because the movie critic for the Register Star is a comic book writer I admire, Will Pfeifer. I met Pfeifer briefly in 2002 at the San Diego Comic-Con, the summer before DC Comics launched H.E.R.O., his revival/reimagining of the old "Dial H For Hero" series. They had some unlettered preview pages of the first issues available at the DC booth, and I could tell immediately that it would be a series worth reading, in part because of the stylish art by Kano but mostly because it was set in the (fictional, alas) city of Heaton, Pennsylvania. And in fact it was very good, even though only the first four issues took place in Heaton.