January 31st, 2011

10-J, 10-M

Ten random things: January 31

Ten University of Wisconsin-Extension programs:

  1. Sunday Afternoon Live from the Chazen
  2. Instructional Communications Systems
  3. Family Economics 101
  4. Center for Community and Economic Development
  5. Wisconsin Entrepreneurs' Network
  6. Technical Management and Leadership Certification program
  7. University of Wisconsin Higher Education Location Program
  8. Wisconsin Public Television
  9. Adult Student Initiative
  10. Leadership Wisconsin

From the UW-Extension website:

The University of Wisconsin-Extension works in partnership with 26 UW System campuses, 72 Wisconsin counties, three tribal governments, and other public and private organizations to fulfill its public service mission. This is the “Wisconsin Idea” – extending the university’s boundaries to the corners of the state.

Through statewide outreach networks, UW-Extension also connects university research to the specific needs and interests of residents and communities. Educators, working on campuses and in communities, use up-to-date research and careful analysis to help Wisconsin people address economic, social and environmental issues.

In addition to the programs and services listed above, UW-Extension is also, as of today, my employer. I'm working there as an office operations associate, providing financial recordkeeping and other office support services to three separate UWEX organizations, including two of those listed above. (The fourth and tenth, if you must know.) I'm very excited about the job, not least because it promises to keep me busy with a broad range of assignments. That kind of variety is something I always enjoyed about retail and consulting.

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