November 28th, 2011

Christmas, Advent

Advent 2011: The Seasons Good Cheer

One of the more entertaining Twitter accounts I follow--more so than it may sound, certainly--is UW Digital Collections, which posts, well, historical images throughout the day for the amusement and edification of its audience. Today's image comes from their State of Wisconsin Collection, which holds in digital form "writings about the State of Wisconsin and unique or valuable materials that relate to its history and ongoing development."

This is one of just two Christmas cards considered unique, valuable, or relevant enough to be included in the State of Wisconsin collection. (There may be others in other collections, but I haven't searched those yet.) It was hand-made in 1945 by the woman pictured, Pat Hitchcock, and it shows her wearing the uniform she wore while serving in the Red Cross in France at the end of World War II. Later, she would become a documentary filmmaker, an author of children's books, a community organizer, and an environmental educator and activist. In the last twelve years of her life, she lived on property she donated to the State of Wisconsin as parkland in a home that served as an unofficial headquarters for the volunteers who maintain the park. She passed on in 2009, four months shy of her 90th birthday. Quite an impressive lady.

The Seasons Good Cheer
University of Wisconsin Digital Collections, Madison, Wis.
"These materials may be copied freely by individuals and libraries for personal use, research, teaching (including distribution to classes), or any 'fair use' as defined by U.S. copyright laws. Please include this statement and author or photographer attribution with any copies you make."

Armadillo cakes!

Photo credit: Wedding Unveils

Photo credit: Cody Duty / Houston Chronicle

Armadillo Cakelet with coordinating cupcakes
Photo credit: Amy Eilert / Cupcake Envy

In less appetizing armadillo-related food news, the Alabama Cooperative Extension System is selling a cookbook entitled Cooking Alabama’s Wild Game, containing "guidelines and recipes for preparing such creatures as beaver, opossum, rattlesnake, and even armadillo." One of the recipes is for "Armadillo ‘n Rice." Yum?
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