March 27th, 2013


LJ wishlist

I like LiveJournal, but there are a couple of things about it I'd like to see changed.

For example, I like that I can automatically have a link to my new LJ posts posted on my Facebook wall. But when I do that, it almost always shows this as the attached image:

Instead of the LJ user icon I selected for the post. I say "almost always" because if the post contains an image, the Facebook link will display that instead. I discovered that two Sundays ago when the link to that day's post displayed not the generic pencil icon, nor my thoughtfully selected American Gothic icon, but a picture of a lingerie-clad teenager. (Which means that today's post will appear with the generic pencil, because it appears in the post. But what if I posted more than one image? Time for an experiment.)

Curiously, if you crosspost an LJ comment to Facebook, such as I did the other day so that the person I assumed made the comment would see it, the icon for that comment appears, not the generic pencil. Similarly, if I manually post a link to one of my LJ posts on my Facebook wall, the icon I chose shows up. That's what I always want to happen. Nothing against the generic pencil, but if I wanted a generic pencil icon, I'd have one.

Another change I'd like to see is for the "import my tweets" function to import all my tweets. For some reason, it consistently fails to import tweets that were made in response to someone else's tweet. For example, let's say my pal @violincatherine says:

If I was to hit the reply link on that tweet and say:

That tweet would not appear. And when I say "would not" I mean "did not," as you can see by its absence from this batch of imported tweets. Chronologically, it should appear between the tweets made at 15:46 and 16:44, but it doesn't appear at all. It's not that it's addressed to @violincatherine; that's true of this tweet as well:

And as you can see, that one was imported. The difference between the two is that I tweeted the latter by hitting the "Compose new Tweet" button and typing her name, and in the former I used the "Reply" button. What's doubly frustrating about this glitch is that I can't seem to get LJ Support to understand it. After I explained the problem, the support volunteer thought the problem was that my retweets weren't appearing, and he continued to think that even after I pointed out that my RTs were appearing.

I'd also like to be able to have more control over the way my imported tweets appear in my LJ. By default, the first 10 imported tweets are shown, and any tweets beyond that are hidden behind an lj-cut. Also, the post is automatically tagged twitter. But I created a tag for posts about Twitter, social media: twitter, way back in 2010, and I want that tag to appear on my imported-tweets posts. My solution to this has been to go in and edit the posts to put everything behind a cut and change the tag. But that's a hassle! I should be able to control the way things appear in my own journal.