June 30th, 2013


By the numbers

I'm back from my trip! With apologies to the Harper's Index, here are some facts and figures about the trip:

  • Planned length of the trip, in days: 7
  • Actual length: 8
  • States visited, including those in which I was only at an airport to change planes:  4  5
  • Relatives visited: 7
  • Campgrounds at which I stayed overnight: 2
  • Campgrounds at which I stayed overnight in air-conditioned rooms with indoor plumbing and microwave ovens: 2
  • Nights on which I had s'mores: 4
  • Times I saw someone dressed as Yogi Bear at Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park at Shangri-La: 2
  • Amusement parks visited: 1
  • Rides I rode at the amusement park: 4
  • Days I went swimming: 4
  • Times my nephew jumped into my arms from the edge of the pool: two grillion
  • Other campers attending Mar-Lu-Ridge family camp: 40
  • Members of the Heaton family at Mar-Lu-Ridge, expressed as a percentage of all campers: 14.6
  • Campers who traveled farther than me to attend the camp: 0
  • Campers under the age of 13: 21
  • Campers under the age 13 who beat me at Candy Land: 3
  • Flights required to get to my destination and back: 4
  • Flights that were delayed taking off: 2
  • Flights missed due to delays: 2
  • Amount of time spent on the phone with United Customer Service to rebook the second missed flight: 16 minutes, 30 seconds
  • Times I had to tell the United agent that I wanted to fly to Chicago last night and on to Madison today instead of rescheduling the entire journey for today: lost count

Anecdotal data to follow.

ETA: I was in five states, not four. My position is that LiveJournal inserted the error to make me look bad.