July 19th, 2013

robot devil, futurama

I made a video

Remember my Sea to Shining Sea playlist? Maybe you do, since I just posted about it this past Monday. But if you don't, that's OK; I don't expect everyone to have perfect recall of everything I've every written. (Not even I have that.) Here's what you need to know:

  1. I made a Spotify playlist containing songs about every U.S. state (and the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico).
  2. The YouTube version of that playlist was incomplete, because the song I chose for Maine, "Monhegan" by Julia Lane, wasn't on YouTube.

But here's the thing: that's no longer the case, because I created a video for that one song. I'd never made a video before, but I figured it couldn't be very hard to make a simple slideshow set to music. So I bought a copy of the song from amazon.com, then I went to Flickr and downloaded a bunch of photos of Monhegan Island, making sure that I chose ones that were Creative Commons-licensed and free to be modified, adapted, or built upon. From there, it was just a matter of putting it together with Windows Movie Maker, which turned out to be even simpler than I'd anticipated. And here it is!