November 9th, 2013


New music

Speaking of old songs, or more precisely songs that get old after hearing them several times a day, I recently took a part-time seasonal job at one of those calendar stores that pop up at the mall around this time every year. There's music playing in the store all day, but we don't use a service like Musak or Trusonic; we just have some CDs provided to us by corporate that we play on repeat over and over. It's a peculiar mix of songs, ranging from contemporary pop like "Call Me Maybe" and "Fireworks" to 70s funk like "Superstition" and Earth, Wind & Fire's cover of "Got To Get You into My Life" to 60s R&B like "You Can't Hurry Love" and "Soul Man."

Not all of it is my cup of tea, but none of it's terrible (except "Cha Cha Slide"), and while there are some songs that make me sigh to myself a little when they start up for the third or fourth time, there are others -- the aforementioned funk, for example -- that lift me up whenever they come on. Two songs that fall into that latter category are ones I'd never heard before, and I think being introduced to two great new songs more than makes up for having to listen to "Party in the USA" several times a day.

(And yeah, this is two consecutive days of posts consisting of little more than lightly annotated YouTube videos. Some days you just don't have anything to say.)