December 8th, 2013

10-K, 10-B


I mentioned the other day that I would be attending a party at which there would be an absurdly large number of cookies available. Well, I did, and there were. More than 13,000 of them, in fact, made with 80 pounds of butter. Guests were invited to bring a container and take home as many of the 93 types of as they wanted; I brought and filled an empty one-gallon ice cream bucket. That should last me a while!

In addition to the ones I took home with me, I also ate more than a few there on site, including one I decorated myself:

I decorated this!

My friend Greg suggested that decorating cookies was an activity intended for the children in attendance, but nuts to that.

Many of the guests, myself and the aforementioned Greg included, were City of Madison election officials, so much of the conversation revolved around elections: how bored we'd all been this year with only two elections to administer; the new tabulators recently purchased by the city that will be used for the first time in the February 2014 election; and the proposed changes to how write-in votes are tabulated, to name but three. One wonders what the people who weren't election officials thought of finding themselves in the midst of such a large number of election nerds.