December 30th, 2013

doctor who

Where's the fun in keeping your old Doctor?

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Speaking of Peter Capaldi, it took me a couple of days, but I finally got around to watching the Doctor Who Christmas special. (Spoilers follow, needless to say.) The slapsticky stuff at the beginning was a bit much (though I did like Clara's grandmother and her enthusiasm for playing Twister) but I did like Matt Smith's finale brought together and resolved a lot of the threads that ran through his tenure: the crack in the universe, "silence will fall," Trenzalore, the exploding TARDIS, and of course "Doctor who?" It was also kind of a nifty trick to walk back the return of Gallifrey a bit; a future producer could no doubt come up with a plausible way to bring it back into this universe, but for now I like that it's been taken off the table.

I also really liked Smith's performance. He can do a lot with just his facial expressions, as he demonstrated in the scene where Handles malfunctions for the last time, and when he absorbs the regeneration energy. That last one is especially good considering how many facial prostheses he's wearing at the time. Capaldi's first appearance is a lot of fun, for what little we saw; the matter-of-fact way he says "we're probably crashing" was funny, but understated enough to give a pretty good indication that Capaldi's Doctor probably won't have much in common with Malcolm Tucker other than the accent.

But speaking of which, and nothing against them, we've already had a Doctor with a Scottish accent. Isn't it time for a Welsh Doctor?