March 31st, 2014

10-S, 10-D

The Sporting Life

I'm not hugely into sports, but I don't have any particular objection to them either. And considering what a huge part of American business and culture they occupy, I think that being familiar with the sporting world to be a necessary component of a well rounded body of knowledge. That's why, when the manager of my shop suggested an NCAA pool, I knew that he was talking about the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament rather than one of the many other NCAA tournaments going on this time of year.

Even though I know very little about men's basketball, I decided to give it a shot. I used the same selection technique as the last time I took part in an NCCA pool: I copied President Obama's bracket. Alas, that technique worked as well this time as last, which is to say poorly. One of our Final Four picks is still alive: Florida. Unfortunately, we picked them to get beaten in the national semifinal by Michigan State, which team was eliminated by Connecticut yesterday. Thanks, Obama!

Nevertheless, I currently am in third place in the pool. And if everything goes right, I could remain in third place! Unfortunately, that's the best case scenario, because I'm guaranteed to earn zero points in the semifinal and final rounds, because both teams I picked to play for the title have been eliminated. That's true of the person in the lead too. The guy in second place could jump up to 1st if Wisconsin wins, but the dark horse is the man in 4th place, because he's the only one of us whose predicted winner is still in the tournament. If Florida wins the tournament, he'll almost certainly win and I'll end up in fourth. Either way, I'm out of the money. Thanks again, Obama!