January 26th, 2021


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  • Mon, 19:14: The Founders: Profiting from public office is so abhorrent to us, we specifically prohibited it in the Constitution. Also the Founders, per SCOTUS: You profited from public office but we didn't prosecute you for it before your term ended? Well then, enjoy your ill-gotten gains!
  • Mon, 20:22: Ha ha, don't worry, it's okay because Strucker is a FICTIONAL Nazi, not a real-life one! (Or maybe it's named after someone other than Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, since to my knowledge that character's name has never been spelled with an umlaut.) https://t.co/5oXR2iedDO
  • Tue, 01:02: The problem with this idea is that while this bears some resemblance to the Seal of the President of the United States, it is manifestly not the Seal of the President of the United States. https://t.co/4Gv49oCnhF https://t.co/eXuRXOnTdu
  • Tue, 01:18: Good thread. https://t.co/F4Ctrpf14f
  • Tue, 02:13: I lived in the DC area for 18 years so the Potomac is a candidate, but it's a rare day here in Madison that I don't cross the Yahara at least twice and I've been here almost 11 years. https://t.co/gnBDvkqaBM
  • Tue, 03:06: Haven't seen it or read the books on which its based, is there any character al all who has a name that follows this pattern or anything remotely similar to it? https://t.co/txmq5AowZ4
  • Tue, 03:12: RT @pamina_q: If these women are white, relatively affluent mothers over 30, I’d say that the natural birth/mothering movement likely has s…
  • Tue, 03:22: Very weird that people think that former presidents establishing a post-presidential office with official letterhead and such is something that wasn't done by every president in the modern era.
  • Tue, 03:26: Very cool. https://t.co/sN2csHvwUs