April 28th, 2021


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  • Tue, 13:04: RT @nancywyuen: Thread on why Oscar winner Yuh-Jung Youn (also spelled Yoon Yeo-Jung) wanted to talk to Brad Pitt, owner of Plan B. The co…
  • Tue, 13:25: Yes, this. A thousand time this. Though having said that, each one in the series should be able to stand on its own without having consumed the others. My sister's first Harry Potter movie, which she loved and was perfectly able to follow? Deathly Hallows Part 2. https://t.co/sanMyBvcsf
  • Tue, 16:05: Of course @CNN will do nothing about this. If they held their politically conservative to normal standards of human decency, they wouldn't have any politically conservative on-air personalities. https://t.co/QOD48cVpmd
  • Tue, 19:36: RT @sandy_jarrell: Y’all have seen this 1986 Kevin Nowlan cover, right? https://t.co/F6cBporGnp
  • Tue, 19:40: RT @MarkHarrisNYC: MASK GUIDANCE Q: How long it is okay for people to continue to wear masks outdoors? A: Forever, since it's a matter of…
  • Wed, 00:57: A hero among us https://t.co/O4Wdd4H11u