September 13th, 2021


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  • Sun, 21:13: Navigating downtown Madison during the triathlon makes me wonder why they don't do the marathon part out in the country like they do the bicycling part.
  • Sun, 21:39: This is the best gaming story you'll ever read.
  • Sun, 22:56: Am I naive to be a little surprised that 80s hiphop isn't found on more in-store streaming audio programs? I mean, obviously "Fuck the Police" wouldn't make the cut but "Walk This Way"? "Parents Just Don't Understand"? "Express Yourself"?
  • Sun, 23:47: I don't necessarily want to say this is a show that had little to no cultural impact, but only three of the twelve actors who played main characters over its five seasons have Wikipedia entries.
  • Sun, 23:53: I recognize this is completely not the point - and the point is a good one, let me stress that before I get to the irrelevant nonsense - but don't most gas gauges go the other direction?