November 18th, 2021


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  • Wed, 13:16: This is awesome. I hope they find a way to keep visible and restore the Fess Hotel sign uncovered when the building next to the Great Dane on Doty St. was demolished.
  • Wed, 13:24: That was a surprisingly contemporary Universal Pictures production logo that TCM just showed before the 1941 film Hold Back the Dawn.
  • Wed, 22:57: Have we heard from Francis Ford Coppola? Can't imagine him turning up his nose at a superhero flick. He did a cracking good John Grisham movie, and it's not like The Godfather was adapted from a literary masterpiece. I can see him chafing under the heavy hand of the MCU, though.
  • Wed, 23:58: I don't necessarily want to say ranking by highest proportion of residents claiming Polish ancestry is completely without meaning, but I would note that the Polish population of Cook County, IL is larger than the combined total population of the first nine counties on this list.