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Well, it's 12:15 AM, so I'm probably the very first person to do this:

Happy birthday, rustydog!

I would like to take this opportunity to share an anecdote about the first time I met rusty, but the truth is that I have no memory of it. My understanding is that we were both at rocknrollgidget's Pop Culture Palace at the same time back in April 2002; nevertheless, when I saw her in L.A. in July of that same year, I thought I was meeting her for the first time. It seems sort of unfair that I have vivid memories of meeting people I don't like at all, yet have no memory whatsoever of meeting someone I like as much as I like rusty. But at least I got a moderately interesting anecdote out of it.

And yes, I realize that from rusty's perspective, it's not yet her birthday. But it is her birthday here in Virginia, so there.

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