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Ten random things: August 4

Ten fictional Germans:

  1. Augustus Gloop (Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)
  2. Paul Bäumer (All Quiet On the Western Front)
  3. Maj. Heinrich Strasser (Casablanca)
  4. Anton Reiker (Summer Of My German Soldier)
  5. Alexander Kerner (Goodbye, Lenin!)
  6. Xavier March (Fatherland)
  7. Col. Wilhelm Klink (Hogan's Heroes)
  8. Thomas Matthias Kellner (Gospel)
  9. Kurt Dussander (Apt Pupil)
  10. Hildegarde Schmidt (Murder On the Orient Express)

Interestingly, the novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory does not mention Augustus Gloop's nationality. But the movie Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory does, so I cited it instead of the book. Not than anyone cares.


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