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Eight not-at-all random things: August 12

Because I forgot to post a list yesterday (which was totally my niece's fault), I present two special one-time-only lists of five and three things respectively.

Five reasons I love boliver:

  1. She called me from the floor of the San Diego Comicon to ask if there was anything I wanted her to look for
  2. Using my vague description ("it's the Dennis the Menace comic where they go to Hawaii and visit the Polynesian Cultural Center, but be careful because there are two different Dennis in Hawaii comics"), she found the exact comic I wanted.
  3. And she also sent me an copy of Monster Museum, personally autographed by the artist, Gris Grimly,
  4. And a set of Futurama coasters,
  5. And a patch that identifies me as a Star Wars Republic Commando.

Three reasons I love zengoalie and mistagoalie:

  1. Having read of my failed attempt to find Uncle Scrooge souvenirs during my very brief visit to Orlando last May, they made it their mission to "track down" Uncle Scrooge during their own trip to Disney World in June
  2. And they found two pins!

  3. And they didn't get mad when I forgot to thank them for two months after receiving them!

That last one is sort of hypothetical, actually.


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