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Help me help you

Earlier this month, mistagoalie lightly complained that I failed to include Augustus Gloop in my list of people named August. I promised him that before the end of the week, I would post a list that included Augustus Gloop. Unfortunately, once I did him this one tiny favor, he went mad with power and demanded I post a list about Oompa-Loompas. I told him to hold his damn horses until September, during which, I decided as I was posting the response, I would post lists based on requests from my readers.

So here's your chance. You have two options. You can suggest something that you want to see featured in a list of ten random things, such as when mistagoalie asked to see Augustus Gloop. Alternatively, you can suggest a topic for a list, as when mistagoalie asked for an Oompa-Loompa list. Suggest as many of either kind as you like, but each request will be part of its own list, unless I can think of a particularly funny or clever way to combine them. The text entry field below will hold up to 255 characters; if you need more space, or if you don't have an LJ account, feel free to post your suggestions in a comment.

Incidentally, if you make a request that is impossible to fulfill—say, people who have run 100 meters in less than 9.8 seconds—chances are that request will be ignored. Sorry, but as they say, but ye canna change the laws of physics!

Thanks in advance for for your help with this admittedly ridiculous project. And hey, the more the merrier, so encourage other people you know to make suggestions.

Poll #341128 Reader requests

What item(s) do you want to see featured as part of a list of ten random things?

What kind of things do you want to see ten of in list form?


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